Exclusive opportunities to enjoy unique moments. Leave everything behind, look ahead.

Summer Time

Summer Time: Drop the schedule, the agenda, the routines and the deadlines. Just stay willing to set the clock by your steps without knowing exactly where they take you. Simple, as life is.
3 nights + 1 horse ride + picnic
From 20th of August to 16th of September
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Summer July 2017

Summer is meant to be shared and remembered through out the year .
Fill it with good memories.
3 nights + 2 dinners from 268,5 euros / mini double room per person
July 1st to 31st
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Yoga Retreat

At Matinha, we invite you to a process of inner contemplation, between you and the surroundings.
Come find another side of you. 2 nights with meals included from € 210 / person mini double room
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The Vincentian coast is the ideal place for long walks. An untouched place with a unique fauna and flora. Get to know the wonderful wild beaches of the region and get lost in the tracks between the fossil dunes and the verdant Serra do Cercal. Start and end the day in the comfort of Herdade da Matinha, your home away from home.
2 nights + meals from € 220 / single room per person
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In the hustle and bustle of our days we forget to stop. The importance of observing to define new directions. In Herdade da Matinha, nature and tranquility impose themselves in such a way that they force us to this essential exercise.
1 night + lunch + Dinner from 99 € / double room per person
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No more goodbyes, we want to celebrate. Single life was good while it lasted. Now that the big day is approaching, have you thought about who and where you would like to celebrate?
2 nights + Dinner from € 260 / per mini double room
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